Best Speaker of ad:tech Tokyo International

On July 15th , the 16th, at ad:tech Tokyo International held in Tokyo, from among 121 speakers including, 33 English session , our SVP/ Brand Strategist Ayako Yuki was selected as one of the best speakers. First place in the team category, second place in the individual category.
Congratulations to Ms. Hoshino from Financial Times, Mr. Oshima from Facebook who was on stage together with Yuki talking about [Rethinking the Value of Digital Branding].
We would like to thank everyone who came to the session and to ad: tech Tokyo staff.
Lastly, we would like to show our respect for the organizer of this event, DMG Japan who held a conference of only in English.
We feel that participating in the event is important that it is related to Ys and Partner’s mission "Make Japanese brands famous in the world".

From left, Ayako Yuki (Ys and Partners, Inc / Ys and Partners, Japan, SVP / Brand Strategist), Hoshino Hiroko (Financial Times / Commercial Director, Asia PacificChief Representative, Japan), Takeshi Oshima (Facebook / Head of Marketing Science)

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