Popularizing the Japanese Fruit Candy in the US

Most Japanese companies have the tendency to take their product to the Japanese-American market in the US without any other goals to improve themselves further. Eventually, sales will not continue to grow and they gradually fail to keep up with the market. On the other hand, other Japanese brands project their business in the US with a strong vision. Hi-Chew from Morinaga & Co. is one of the latter.

Hi-Chew exemplifies Japanese pop culture and has outstanding, world-class technology in flavor-making that is unsurpassable by other companies. However, having superior technology alone without proper marketing research will not suffice. Hi-Chew started marketing research on topics such as taste preference & acceptability and product concept as soon as they enter the US market.

Through the research that Ys and Partners designed, they developed a unique brand strategy for the diverse nation which is the US market and saw great success.


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