Introducing Americans to Traditional Japanese Arts and Crafts.

In recent years, Washi, traditionally-made paper from Japan, is increasingly recognized among early adopters in the U.S. U-Can's mission is to introduce Americans to Japanese arts and crafts such as “Chigiri-e”, a Japanese-style paper collage using Washi, as well as to expand the community of crafters who are interested in learning Japanese arts and crafts.

In order to launch a new U-Can brand in the U.S., Ys and Partners conducted consumer research and built a brand strategy that is the core of branding. Starting with the development of their new brand name, "Japanese Creations," and its logo, we built a brand tagline and messages that serve as the core of communication. We then developed a brand story, and created an “online ecosystem for introducing Japanese arts and crafts in the U.S.” which centers around the Japanese Creations’ brand website.

We increased work efficiency for U-Can by customizing and combining highly reliable platforms and tools supported in the U.S., and developed their online business in a short period of time. Platforms and software such as an e-Commerce site, e-Learning system, and a CRM tool for continuous communication with customers were created and customized to our client’s preferences.


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  • E-learning System Integration
  • Video Production
  • Digital Media Planning and Buying
  • Social Media Management
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